A Toolkit for Working Through Discontentment

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What is Discontentment?

In the context of this toolkit, discontentment is the perceived gap between where we are, the Baseline, and where we desire to be, the Desired State. How we feel about this gap, our thoughts and internal dialog about it add to the level of discontentment in a particular area of our life.

Some of the effects of living in a discontented state include…

    Feelings of sadness
    Perpetuates self-defeating thoughts
    Lack of energy
    Sleeping too much or not enough
    Diminished mental, physical, and spiritual capacity
    Interpersonal relationships suffer
    Tend to seek out unhealthy or non-productive distractions
    Addictive behaviors, like overeating, drinking, shopping

Left untreated these effects can contribute to depression.

How Does the “Toolkit” Help?

The primary goal of this toolkit is to help relieve the discontentment that you are experiencing at this moment. Once you gain some measure of relief from the effects of discontentment you may find that you are in a better state of mind and some measure of inner peace returns. By using this toolkit you may also recognize areas in your life that need to change and begin the process of working toward your Desired State. Each time you work through your discontentment using this toolkit, you can refer to previous toolkit notes to see where you have made progress, and where you remain stuck. This will help to clarify where you may need help in making changes in your life. As time goes on it is my hope that this toolkit will become one of many valuable assets you rely upon to better your life.